Think twice before quitting facebook!

Yea, I'm saying it! Though I really don't like facebook and I'm not trying to take any benefit from it and its galactic user base, I think it's not a good decision to just ditch it because of some issues that can be easily be resolved and recently being figured out by facebook itself.

Facebook, just like any other social network is an extremely useful social tool! It's a one stop shop: you can post status/updates; post pictures and videos; and, even post blogs! Generally, it's cool!

The issues being raised by users mostly can be modified by the end users themselves! Like, you can completely be anonymous - that the only thing people who are not your friends will find is your profile picture. It's really sad to think that people are ditching out a good service because of their own mistakes. I mean, it's not facebook's responsibility to when people got messed up because they failed to set their privacy settings properly.

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