How to deal with blogger's block

Well, my blog, just like any other blogs also is suffering blogger's block dilemma from time to time. I really can't push my self to post anything or write sometimes for one reason; because i wasn't paid doing it. yet, i sometimes ask myself that it's a sin to think that way about blogging... so i set up some points to make things more easy for me:
1. blog only relevant things - of course only those things relevant in my own point of view;

2. blog only when you feel like blogging - tho it'll be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it doesn't even matter if it'll take a year or more :);

3. and, don't blog reviews on your personal blog - tho this practice seems to be lucrative way of making money through blogging, it's to compelling and may even hog your blog.
Oh, it's really a beautiful Sunday anyway ... just imagine... i am here commenting and i already got something to post on my blog :)


P.S. I hate the fact that people are learning farmville and mafia wars but they don't want to learn how to blog.

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