Not fair

Yea, in any manner, it's not really fair that creatures like these (right) ended up victim of human carelessness as a result of ones eagerness to dig more oil, more money. It made me feel really sad that despite of our knowledge about the harm that oil is doing to our planet, yet, we're still digging. Worst thing is that because of this extreme eagerness for the "oil", greedy capitalist are brave enough to dig even on hostile environments like the deep oceans.

To note: unlike other "oil spills" that occurred in the past, the BP Deepwater Horizon is really something for us to think over with regards to what source of energy we should use. Just imagine, this seemingly unstoppable "oil spill" is actually a geyser that blows thousands of barrels of oil a day! Just imagine what kind of damage that it is actually inflicting to our ecology? 

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