PCLinuxOS delivers where others failed

This is a follow-up post to "A real-distro-hopper-stopper".

One of the reasons why I said PCLinuxOS is "A real distro-hopper-stopper is its ability to auto detect your devices. I have read elsewhere that mostly, only branded tvturner cards can work with linux. To my surprise, this is not the case with tvtime, the native tvturner software in PCLinuxOS and I guess it is available out-of-the-box on every versions of PCLOS (excellent job guys!).

This software (tvtime) is so easy to use. Just right click on it and a menu will pop out for you to select a task. To get your tvturner working, simply click on "channel management" then "scan for signal" and start watching your favorite tv show!

I need to install at least three things to get my tvturner card running on windows (driver, media center & remote utility). Got no luck running it on other linux distros either. :(

As I said, PCLinuxOS is "a real distro-hopper-stopper". Do you think I got the reason to say so?? Try running it to check it yourself!

You can safely check tvtime out by getting your Live copy of PCLinuxOS from this mirrors.


  1. It would have been helpful if you could have told us more about your TV card - what make is it? What model? Then we might know if ours would work, too.

  2. Plus TV Analog Lite PCI (PVR-TV 7134SE) to be exact. What make is yours?